Friday, December 4, 2015

#playingwith ROBOCOP Trilogy Collection #gashapon from Takara TOMY A.R.T.S.

The ROBOCOP Trilogy Collection from Takara TOMY A.R.T.S. features 4 figures (in "Super Deformed" style) from 3 M.G.M. movies, namely;

01. ROBOCOP from "RoboCop"
02. ED-209 from "RoboCop"
03. CAIN from "RoboCop 2"
04. OTOMO ROBOT NINJA from "RoboCop 3"

There is a 5th "chase" figure, featuring RoboCop in a different shade of body armor (as seen from product image above). I had purchased the entire set online via HAVIKORO TOY.

ROBOCOP is utilitarian with classic over-sized head and decently proportioned body in this Super-Deformed mode. The arms are joint at the body and are hence articulated. The gun is not removable. The head is joint to the body via neck and is articulated, all of whom makes it fun enough to pose the figure for pics, and imaginary words from the movies going thru your inner-minds heehee

#playingwith #RoboCop #gacha from #Kaiyodo #SuperDeformed #toylife #gachagachagachaaa #turningtoys

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ED-209 is the 'jewel' in this series, as far as I am concerned, with swell detailing in sculpts, and all around fun with a robot! The arms are joint t the main body ad are articulated. The legs are also joint to the main body.

#playingwith #ED209 #gacha #RoboCop by #Kaiyodo #toylife #turningtoys #gachagachagachaaa

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Assembling CAIN was initially a "mystery" to me, as it does not come with instructions - and while all other gashapon figures were relatively easier to assemble - CAIN came with loads of pieces, and without visual reference, and based on "logical" instinct, the figure came out slightly "wrong" … but thanks to Facebooker Jerwis Dy, who provided visual reference, and I could sort out the build!

The figure with the most movable parts, and most detailed of the 4, CAIN was an absolute joy to have!

The final figure was from "RoboCop 3", with this OTOMO ROBOT NINJA possessing a swell facesculpt and pose. Initial impressions of this figure was not great for me, but eventualy the maniacal face expression worked out for me … pity about the bent rubber blade he is holding tho LOL

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#playingwith #RoboCop #SuperDeformed #gacha from #Kaiyodo #toylife #gachagachagachaaa #shouldbesleeping

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#playingwith #takaratomyarts #RoboCop #gashapon #toylife #gachagachagachaaa

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