Sunday, October 18, 2015

VAG on my mind & VAG in my hands … my Sunday gacha purchase at CSC

With just blogging about it earlier in the day, I could no longer resist my own toy-desires, and subsequently made my way down to CSC and snagged two pieces of VAG gacha from each series at Ozzo Collection. I would have snagged ALL of Series 2 but two designs were sold out (Mirock Toys' robot and Bridge Ship House's "Matthew" the three-eyed bear) but with stock coming in soon … and these are the pics I could show for my efforts … two words, folks; "Slippery" and "Slope" …

Now THIS was obviously a #winning color
for me, and the catalyst for my purchase!

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The above-pair are from VAG Series 2 - featuring designs by PUNK DRUNKERS and T9G, while the below pair are from the first series - featuring designs by zzariganiwork and KONATSU. SRP are 500yen per gacha blind pull, while Ozzo Collection (where I purchased mine shown here) provides loose / opened figurines, and sets of each designs (5 to a pack), available in-store at China Square Central. He doesn't do online sales tho… :p

[Originally posted May 2015]

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